Taking into consideration the terms and conditions of The Archaeology Department of India and the difficulty of the pilgrims, the Devasthan Trust has arranged facilities of drinking water at the foot of the hill. This water is brought to the tanks from a distance of 4 kms. 

The water is drained from river Kukdi with the help of electric motors. This water is filled in a thirty five thousand liters tank which is made available for the pilgrims. With passing time, this tank was not enough for the pilgrims. So the Devasthan Trust arranged another tank of capacity one lakh twenty thousand liters for the growing pilgrim crowd and need. This way the trust has overcome the water need of the pilgrims, though it has to be brought from a distance of 4 kms. 

After overcoming the water need, the Devasthan trust has also made arrangements for the boarding and lodging of the pilgrims. The old lodge building i.e. Yatri Niwas no. 1 includes rooms and halls which accommodates 400 to 500 people at a time. Each room can accommodate 10 people and hall can take in 50 people. The mid space in the building is utilized for marriage ceremonies. All these facilities are provided at a nominal rate. 

For the pilgrims, lavatories and bathrooms have been built by the Devasthan Trust. Although the water is brought from a great distance, the cleanliness is properly maintained. ‘Shri Ashtvinayak Suvidha Prakalp’, Mumbai has awarded Girijatmaj Devasthan twice for its cleanliness and well maintained surroundings. 

The pilgrims face load shedding problems. For this the Devasthan trust has constructed a wind energy project for electricity generation. For this The Central Government of India has provided grant of 21 lakh rupees. From this grant, the Trust has built the wind mill project of eight kilowatt energy. It powers the new lodge building i.e. Yatri Niwas no. 2. Apart from this, for normal functioning of the old lodge building and other offices, the Trust has purchased independently two generators of 20 kW and 35 kW each for Yatri Niwas no. 1 and Yatri Niwas no. 2 respectively. This overcomes the Load Shedding inconvenience in an eco-friendly way. 

Shri Lenyadri Girijatmaj temple is far from the settlement of villages. Hence the Devasthan trust has arranged lunch facility for the pilgrims between 12 noon and 2 p.m. at a nominal rate of Rs.20 only. This lunch is organized in the halls of Yatri Niwas no. 1.Apart from this, there are two individual hotels with excellent veg. food facility where pilgrims get courteous service.

For the Facility of hot waters in the rooms of Yatri Niwas no. 1 and Yatri Niwas no. 2, solar water heaters of capacity 6 lakh liters is installed which deletes the wastage of energy by electric heaters. The transactions of Shri Lenyadri Devasthan trust are carried out in the Devasthan Trust Office for eg. Abhisheks, donation in the form of money, goods, gold and silver ornaments. A recognized acknowledgement or receipt is also provided by the Devasthan trust. The trust also organizes individual and group marriages. The decisions about the functioning of the trust are taken by a committee of trustees keeping in mind the progress of the Devasthan trust. These decisions are democratically agreed and put to work. 

On behalf of the Lenyadri Devasthan trust, a beautiful garden is created named ‘Sundar Udyan’. Well-known businessman Shri Shaamji Dhanshri Patel has a lion’s share in the construction of this garden. A parking lot is built neighboring the garden for the pilgrims coming from long distances. This facility helps them in securing their vehicle safety and take darshan tension-free. Alongwith this, there is another parking lot in front of Yatri Niwas no. 1 also. 

With the growing crowd, lodging facility was insufficient. Hence, with prior permission of The Archaeology Department of India, the Lenyadri Devasthan trust has purchased a 3 acre area about 300 metres away from the foot of the hill and built Yatri Niwas no. 2. This building has 68 rooms of which 34 have attached bathrooms while remaining have common bathrooms. 5 rooms have air condition facility. 

The hall of the building is used for group marriage ceremonies throughout the year at a nominal rate of Rs. 15000 only. The attached rooms of Yatri Niwas no. 2 have facilities of hot water, comfortable beds and A.C. (only 5). Also, the second floor of the building is under construction of another north-south hall. It is proposed to be completely air conditioned. Yatri Niwas no. 2 is also used for various other programmes like Village conferences, educational and agricultural discussions, fun fairs, social and yoga programs. As a social responsibility, the Lenyadri Devasthan trust charges these discussions and programs at a very cheap rate. The money collected from these charges is extensively used for the functioning of the Devasthan. There is a separate parking lot for pilgrims too. 

With the help of the devoted pilgrims and blessings of Lord Ganesh, Shri Girijatmaj Lenyadri Ganpati Devasthan trust is formed and is functioning in full swing for the service of the incoming pilgrims. The working staff of the trust plays an important role in the betterment of these sevices. Now the trust pledges further for better drinking water and underground light service for pilgrims and staff respectively. For all these projects and facilities people like you have been very helpful and your and Lord Ganesh’s blessings have been a boon to the Devasthan’s progress. The trust hopes you will continue showering your blessings. 


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